GDF-8 (myostatin) 1mg/vial


What is GDF-8 myostatin?

GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc) is a myostatin inhibitor of muscle growth and development process. Myostatin is present in the healing process of muscles and its nature is to inhibit myogenesis (the process of formation of muscular tissue). Scientists have been studying a new method to enhance the repair and regeneration of both muscle and bone in certain injuries through a new recombinant myostatin propeptide.

How does myostatin propetide work?

Through the blocking of active myostatin made by a recombinant, myostatin propeptide has been able to improve muscle and bone regeneration. Myostatin inhibitors improve wound repair in cases of deep penetrant injuries on muscles and bones.

Myostatin propeptide dosage

Doses of Myostatin propeptide have been tested mice and it has showed an optimal increase of muscle mass at a dose of 20 mg/kg. It can be used every 5 days during 25 five days.