Hexarelin growth hormone releasing peptide

Hexarelin 2mg/vial 

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Interestingly, the most amazing finding with hexarelin was its ability to act on cardiac receptors separate from the GH releasing properties. The peptide can directly aid in cardio protective left ventricular pressure issues, as well as, help healing scar tissue on the heart.  Studies on lean and obese lab rats concluded that while lean rats were able to take advantage of the GH plasma increase better than the obese rats (the healthier the rat the more hexarelin effectively produced and utilized GH), obese rats did not see the same advantage.  Separate from the studies that monitored GH, both lean and obese rats both received all of the cardio protective properties of hexarelin.

How does it Work?

When Hexarelin is given as a subcutaneous injection, it activates the pituitary via a pulse, just like GHRP-6, and helps circulate growth hormone in the body.  Unlike GHRP-6, it does not induce any hunger side effects.  Hexarelin has the ability to not only raise the level of GH in the body but to also suppress somatostatin, which is the main culprit that inhibits GH from being released.  This means that there will be more GH in abundance.

In addition, hexarelin is the strongest GHRP available, so users should notice that desensitization can come much quicker than other GHRP’s.   This makes it less ideal for long term use, but with hexarelin’s ability to raise healthy levels of IGF-1 and GH it can work perfect as a PCT tool for those coming off a synthetic GH/IGF-1 cycle.   The potency of this peptide should not be underestimated and it comes with an increase in cortisol production as well as prolactin.  Nothing close to what might be seen in elevated levels from steroid use, but compared to other GHRP’s it has the strongest affinity to raise cortisol/prolactin.

Dosing Information for this Peptide

For best results Hex need to be cycled, 1-2 weeks rest period between 30 day cycle. Doses are 1mcg per kilogram of body weight, 2 to 3 times a day, more frequent administration can yield more GH release, but higher doses won’t result in better results, so stick with this type of dosing plan, cycle your program and then track your results.

Your body weight will play a prominent role in how much of this peptide you should take at a time, thought most men stick to simple approach of 100mcg per shot.
In general, lower doses of peptides reduce the risk of side effects. So, choosing the lower end of the dosing spectrum may be the best way to access the benefits of this peptide without the drawbacks. In general, side effects for Hexarelin are rather mild. 400 micrograms per day is considered to be safe and side effect free.