Aicar Sarms Powder Ribonuccleotide AMPK activator


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assay ≥98% (HPLC)
form powder
color tan
mp 214-215 °C
solubility H2O: >7 mg/mL
shipped in dry ice
storage temp. −20°C


Reputed Dosage in Elite Cycling

I do not myself have a direct example known to me personally, but reputedly typical dosage has been about 500 mg/day for about four weeks prior to an event. This is lower than human-equivalent from animal research studies, but not so much so as to strain credulity. (In contrast, for example only 50 mg per day instead of 500 mg absolutely does strain credulity, let alone the 10 mg doses used by some as part of their stacks.)

How to use AICAR

In general I would recommend against using AICAR, but if wishing to do so anyway, I would use 500 mg/day for a limited period of time such as 4 weeks. For almost all persons this would be financially impractical with 50 mg pre-prepared vials.

The purpose would have to be improved endurance capacity; this would be a ridiculous amount to pay for fat loss benefit.